System of Record Notices (SORNs)

Government-Wide Notices

Some Federal agencies have responsibility for one or more systems of records which are applicable Government-wide. This negates the need for DoD to publish a system notice if it maintains a record under a Government-wide system of records notice. Please consult with DPCLD as to applicability.


Department of Labor
System ID System Name Date Published Federal Register
DOL/GOVT-1 Office of Worker's Compensation Programs, Federal Employees' Compensation Act File

Description: Records on FECA benefit recipients. These are Federal employees injured in the performance of duty, or beneficiaries of employees killed in the performance of duty. Includes information and verification about covered employees' work related injuries, entitlement to medical treatment and vocational rehabilitation; entitlement to and computation of continuation of pay, compensation, survivors' benefits under FECA and certain other statutes.

04-08-2002 67 FR 16815
DOL/GOVT-2 Job Corps Student Records

Description: Information on Employment Training Administration Job Corps students and former students.

04-08-2002 67 FR 16815

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Department of Transportation
System ID System Name Date Published Federal Register
DOT/ALL-8 Employee Transportation Facilitation

Description: Records on applications submitted by individuals for parking permits, carpool and vanpool membership, ridesharing information, and fare subsidies; from notifications from other Federal agencies in the program; and from periodic certifications and reports regarding fare subsidies.

04-11-2000 65 FR 19475

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Environmental Protection Agency
System ID System Name Date Published Federal Register
EPA-GOVT-2 Federal Docket Management System (FDMS)

Description: Records on any person-including public citizens and representatives of Federal, state, or local governments, businesses, and industries, that provide personal information while submitting a comment or supporting materials on Federal agency rulemaking.

03-24-2005 70 FR 15086

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Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
System ID System Name Date Published Federal Register
EEOC/GOVT-1 Equal Employment Opportunity in the Federal Government Complaint and Appeal Records

Description: Records on applicants for Federal employment and current and former Federal employees who file complaints of discrimination or reprisal, or who file appeals with EEOC from agency decisions, petitions for review of decisions of the MSPB, or requests for review of final decisions in negotiated grievance actions.

07-30-2002 67 FR 49338

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Federal Emergency Management Agency
System ID System Name Date Published Federal Register
Federal Emergency Management Agency National Defense Executive Reserve System

Description: Applicants for and incumbents of NDER assignments, including FEMA Form 85-3, NDER Qualifications Statement, which is used to determine membership for units of the NDER in Federal departments and agencies in accordance with Executive Order 11179, as amended by Executive Order 12146.

01-07-2009 74 FR 722

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General Services Administration
System ID System Name Date Published Federal Register
GSA/GOVT-2 Employment Under Commercial Activities Contracts

Description: Records on former Federal employees involuntarily separated from government employment as a result of a commercial activity contract. The system is used to provide government agencies with necessary information on former Federal employees hired by contractors to ensure the proper distributions of severance pay by the government.

02-10-1983 48 FR 6176
GSA/GOVT-3 Travel Charge Card Program

Description: Records of current Federal employees who have their own government assigned charge card and all other Federal Employees and authorized individuals who use a Federal account number for travel purposes. Records are assembled in one information system to provide government agencies with: (1) Necessary information on the commercial travel and transportation payment and expense control system which provides travelers charge cards and the agency an account number for official travel and related travel expenses on a worldwide basis; (2) attendant operational and control support; and (3) management information reports for expense control purposes.

01-20-2004 69 FR 4517
GSA/GOVT-4 Contracted Travel Services Program

Description: Records on individuals who are current Federal employees on travel and individuals being provided travel by the government. It is used to enable travel agents who are under contract to the Federal government to issue and account for travel provided to individuals.

06-03-2009 74 FR 26700
GSA/GOVT-5 Access Certificates for Electronic Services (ACES)

Description: The system will allow on-line access to personal information in participating Federal agencies' automated systems by individuals who are the subjects of the information. Up to now, many Federal information systems containing legally safeguarded personal information have been inaccessible to the public electronically because of an insufficient proof-of-identity capability. The new system will enable more timely and cost-effective communication between the public and the Federal Government while safeguarding personal information through state-of-the-art digital signature technologies.

05-28-1999 64 FR 29032
GSA/GOVT-6 GSA SmartPay Purchase Charge Card Program

Description: GSA has Government-wide responsibility, assembles and maintains charge card related information and ensures the efficient and cost effective operation, control, and management of commercial purchasing activities by Federal agencies. The system includes personal information of individuals to enhance the Federal government's ability to monitor official purchases, payments, and expenses involving purchase charge card transactions.

11-03-2006 71 FR 64707
GSA/GOVT-7 Personal Identity Verification Identity Management System (PIV IDMS)

Description: This system will support the implementation of Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12) by providing a GSA managed shared infrastructure and services for participating Federal agencies. HSPD-12 requires the use of a common identification credential for both logical and physical access to federally controlled facilities and information systems.

09-28-2006 71 FR 56983
GSA/GOVT-8 Excluded Parties List System (EPLS)

Description: The system contains information entered by Federal agencies that identifies individuals excluded from Federal Government procurement and non-procurement programs and the applicable authority for the exclusion.

12-05-2006 71 FR 70515

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Merit Systems Protection Board
System ID System Name Date Published Federal Register
MSPB/GOVT-1 Appeals and Case Records

Description: Records on (a) Current and former Federal employees, applicants for employment, annuitants, and other individuals who have filed appeals with MSPB or its predecessor agency, or with respect to whom the Special Counsel or a Federal agency has petitioned MSPB concerning any matter over which MSPB has jurisdiction; and (b) Current and former employees of State and local governments who have been investigated by the Special Counsel and have had a hearing before MSPB concerning possible violation of the Hatch Act.

11-21-2002 67 FR 70254

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Office of Government Ethics
System ID System Name Date Published Federal Register
OGE/GOVT-1 Executive Branch Personnel Public Financial Disclosure Reports and Other Name-Retrieved Ethics Program Records

Description: All records are maintained in accordance with the requirements of the Ethics in Government Act of 1978 and the Ethics Reform Act of 1989, as amended, and Executive Order 12674 as modified, and OGE and agency regulations thereunder. These requirements include the filing of financial status reports, reports concerning certain agreements between the covered individual and any prior private sector employer, ethics agreements, and the preservation of waivers issued to an officer or employee pursuant to section 208 of title 18 and certificates of divestiture issued pursuant to section 502 of the Ethics Reform Act. Such statements and related records are required to assure compliance with these acts and to preserve and promote the integrity of public officials and institutions. The requirements also include the possession or maintenance of information being researched or prepared for referral by ethics officials concerning employees or former employees of the Federal Government who are the subject of complaints of misconduct or alleged violations of ethics laws. These complaints may be referred to the Office of the Inspector General of the agency where the employee is or was employed or to the Department of Justice.





68 FR 3098

68 FR 24744

76 FR 24489

77 FR 45353

78 FR 73863
OGE/GOVT-2 Executive Branch Confidential Financial Disclosure Reports

Description: These records are maintained to meet the requirements of or under Executive Order 12674 as modified, 5 CFR part 2634, agency regulations thereunder, as well as section 107 of the Ethics in Government Act of 1978, as amended, concerning the filing of confidential financial disclosure reports. Such reports are required to assure compliance with ethics laws and regulations, and to determine if an actual or apparent conflict of interest exists between the employment of individuals by the Federal Government and their outside employment and financial interests.


68 FR 3098

68 FR 24744

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Office of Personnel Management
System ID System Name Date Published Federal Register
OPM/GOVT-1 General Personnel Records

Description: Records on current and former Federal employees as defined in 5 U.S.C. § 2105, including OPM's Central Personnel Data File and related agency personnel management information systems. The Official Personnel Folders and other general personnel records files are the official repository of the records, reports of personnel actions, and the documents and papers required in connection with actions effected during an employee's Federal service.

12-11-2012 77 FR 79694
OPM/GOVT-2 Employee Performance File System Records

Description: Records on current or former Federal employees, including appointees to the Senior Executive Service maintained on an employee's performance.

06-19-2006 71 FR 35347
OPM/GOVT-3 Records of Adverse Actions, Performance Based Reduction in Grade and Removal Actions, and Termination of Probationers

Description: Records on current or former Federal employees, including Senior Executive Service employees, against whom such an action has been proposed or taken in accordance with 5 C.F.R. §§ 432, 732, 752, or 754.

06-19-2006 71 FR 35350
OPM/GOVT-4 [Reserved]    
OPM/GOVT-5 Recruiting, Examining, and Placement Records

Description: Records on (a) persons who have applied to OPM or agencies for Federal employment, and current and former Federal employees submitting applications for other positions in the Federal Service; and (b) applicants for Federal employment believed or found to be unsuitable for employment on medical grounds.

06-19-2006 71 FR 35351
OPM/GOVT-6 Personnel Research and Test Validation Records

Description: Records on current and former Federal employees, applicants for Federal employment, current and former State and local government employees, and applicants for State and local government employment, selected private sector employees and applicants for sample comparison groups used by OPM or other Federal agencies for the construction, analysis, and validation of written tests, and for research on and evaluation of personnel or organizational management and staffing methods, including workforce effectiveness studies.

06-19-2006 71 FR 35354
OPM/GOVT-7 Applicant Race, Sex, National Origin, and Disability Status Records

Description: Records on current and former Federal employees and individuals who have applied for Federal employment used by OPM and agencies to evaluate personnel/organizational measurement and selection records, implement and evaluate Federal Equal Opportunity Recruitment and affirmative action programs, prepare reports regarding breakdowns by race, sex, and national origin of applicants, and to locate individuals for personnel research.

06-19-2006 71 FR 35356
OPM/GOVT-8 [Reserved]    
OPM/GOVT-9 File on Position Classification Appeals, Job Grading Appeals, and Retained Grade or Pay Appeals, and Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA) Claims and Complaints

Description: Records on current and former Federal employees who have either: (a) filed a position classification appeal or a job grading appeal with OPM's Agency Compliance and Evaluation, an OPM regional office, or with their agencies; or (b) filed a retained grade or pay appeal with OPM's Agency Compliance and Evaluation or an OPM regional office, used to document the processing and adjudication of the appeal.

06-19-2006 71 FR 35358
OPM/GOVT-10 Employee Medical File System Records

Description: Records on current and former civilian Federal employees maintained to ensure proper medical evaluation, diagnosis, history, treatment, and continuity of care; documentation of hazard exposures, treatment, medically-related employment decisions, and communications among health care providers, including planning of further care, evaluation of the qualify of health care rendered, and to ensure proper operation of an agency's drug testing program.

06-21-2010 75 FR 35099

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Office of Special Counsel
System ID System Name Date Published Federal Register
OSC/GOVT-1 OSC Complaint Litigation and Political Activity Files

Description: Information developed in connection with these OSC program responsibilities is maintained in the OSC/GOVT–1 system of records, which includes certain records subject to the Privacy Act. These include records in complaint files, generally retrieved by the name of the person filing an allegation of a prohibited personnel practice, improper political activity, or other prohibited activity; records in disclosure files, generally retrieved by the name of a person filing an allegation through the OSC whistleblower disclosure channel; records in disciplinary action litigation files, generally retrieved by the name of the person charged by the OSC in litigation before the MSPB; and records in defensive litigation files, generally retrieved by the name of the plaintiff in the action.

11-19-1999 64 FR 63359

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