System of Records Notices

Defense Information Systems Agency Offices

(Alphabetically by state)


Defense Commercial/Communications Office-Alaska, ATTN: RT, Elmendorf AFB, AK 99506-5000.


Joint Interoperability Test Center (JITC), Ft Huachuca, AZ 85613-7020.


DISA Guam Field Office, Box 141, NAVCAMS WEST PAC, FPO AP 96630-1837.

DISA Northwest Pacific Region, APO AP 96328-5000.

DISA Korea Field Office, APO AP 96301-0069.

DISA Southwest Pacific Region, APO AP 96274-5000.


Headquarters, Defense Information Technology Services Organization, 6760 East Irvington Place, Denver, CO 80279-1000.


Commander, White House Communications Agency, Building 399, Anacostia Naval Station, Washington, DC 20374-5000.


DISA Field Office, Building 540, MacDill AFB, FL 33608-7001.


DISA Field Office, ATTN: FCDJ-DISA, Ft McPherson, GA 30330-6000.


DISA-Pacific Area, Wheeler AFB, HI 96854-5000.

Defense Commercial Communications Office-Pacific, Ft Shafter, HI 96858-5490.

DISA-Camp Smith Field Office, Box 29, Camp H. M. Smith, HI 96861-5025.


Defense Commercial Communications Office, ATTN: Code RA, 2300 East Drive, Building 3600, Scott AFB, IL 62225-5406.

Telecommunications Management Services Office, ATTN: Code QA, 2300 East Drive, Building 3600, Scott AFB, IL 62225-5406.


Joint Interoperability Engineering Organization (JIEO), Ft Monmouth, NJ 07703-5513.


DISA-European Area, APO AE 09131-4103.

DISA Field Office Turkey, JUSTMMAT, APO AE 09254-5365.

Defense Commercial Communications Office-Europe, ATTN: RS, APO AE 09130-5000.


Headquarters, Defense Information Systems Agency, 701 South Courthouse Road, Arlington, VA 22204-2199.

National Communications System/Defense Information Systems Agency, 701 South Courthouse Road, Arlington, VA 22204-2199.

Defense Network System Organization, 701 South Courthouse Road, Arlington, VA 22204-2199.

Defense Systems Support Organization, 701 South Courthouse Road, Arlington, VA 22204-2199.

Joint Interoperability Engineering Organization, 11440 Isaac Newton Square North, Reston, VA 22090-5006.


DISA-Okinawa Field Office, Box 959, FPO AP 98773-5001.


The Director, DISA is also the Manager, National Communications Systems (NCS), and the Director, Worldwide Military Command and Communications System (WWMCCS) Systems Engineering. To the extent that the Director, DISA performs these other functions, the records systems described herein pertain to and are available to employees of these organizations and may be corrected by means of the same process described for DISA files systems, unless specified otherwise herein.

The official military personnel records of military personnel assigned to DISA are maintained by the parent department and that department has the only complete official copies of the military members personnel records file. Responsibility for the completeness and accuracy of these files is invested in the military department. While the DISA commander or office chief may assist the military members in obtaining access or making corrections, DISA does not have the authority either to grant access or make corrections. The documents maintained by DISA on military personnel are nomination process, copies of personnel correspondence generated during the members tenure in DISA, promotion rosters furnished by the military departments, and copies of orders published by the departments. A few documents are maintained as a result of requirements imposed by the departments (leave forms for Army, Navy and Air Force personnel and SIDPERS for Army personnel).